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Service Commitments

1. My company formed a group of tough emergency repair service, have experienced field engineers and senior technicians, of any problems can be rushed to the scene, in the fastest time for repair and replacement.

2. Product delivery within a week, my company's after-sales service staff will according to the customer's contact information, track phone consultation, until customer satisfaction.

3. All about product quality complaints and reply Canon in 1 hours, rushed to the scene within 24 hours, and according to the complaint case, determine the treatment measures, for repair and replacement.

4. My company's commitment to all maintenance personnel on call, better save a lot of problems for customers.

5. Shelf life is about the cost of the product quality, shall be borne by our company.

6. Warranty period due to your improper use, or is caused by the natural environment we provide free maintenance, maintenance of the materials and parts are only charge the cost price.

7. Beyond the warranty period of product, our company promises for regular on-site testing and maintenance.